CAMHS Session 2

Published February 20, 2012 by thefamilyof5

So today was the last day of our half term holiday, back to school tomorrow.

We ended the day with a trip to CAMHS for our group/family therapy session.  The therapist had asked the girls to take along some of the photo’s of their birth family that they’d told him about at our last session. My big girl jumped at the chance to show him these and talk him through each one whilst the other 2 played in the background seemingly uninterested.

The therapist told the girls we will be putting together a family tree during our next session, Im assuming this is a birth family tree. I know he must have a plan, Im just not sure what it is yet. Im hoping he’s the ‘Detective Colombo’ of therapists, so although he appears to just be making it up as he goes along and not really noticing much of whats going on, he’s actually plotting something wonderfully brilliant and seeing everything and then some more!

He did comment on how much calmer the girls were and we chatted briefly about my theory/observations on how school appears to leave them anxious and how they appear to feel more secure when they’re with me all the time, he briefly explained that this was a very likely scenario and reassured me that we would discuss it further in our 1 to 1 meeting in a few weeks.

So we have a new appointment for the 5th March for session 3!



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