School Vs School Holidays

Published February 19, 2012 by thefamilyof5

With each passing week our girls become more settled and secure in their new lives with us, but with each fun filled school holiday passing us by it becomes very apparent that they’re not feeling secure at school.

Term time the girls are by far more difficult. They’re tired, despite going to bed ridiculously early. They’re agitated, they bicker, they’re spiteful, they’re competitive. I shout a lot and cry a lot more. I do not like being a mummy term time.

School holidays they are more relaxed, they sleep better, they bicker less, they’re calmer and they’re by far more fun. I rarely shout and never cry. I love being their mummy in the holidays.

So, how do I help them to feel more secure at school, especially when the school don’t see any of the behaviour issues I do.


2 comments on “School Vs School Holidays

  • I don’t know how you can help your girls…but wanted to tell you you’re not alone. My son only started school in september, but we’re already seeing that he is less stressed during school holidays, despite doing academically well at school and -like you- only having behavioural issues at home. During term time he wets, soils, is horrendously tired, competative and argumentative. Son is anxious that I won’t be here when he gets home from school, so when he’s here all the time too, he doesn’t have the same worries…my job at the moment is to make sure he knows I’ll be here, waiting for him, missing him…

    • yes that sounds just like my girls. I’d even go as far to say they looked ‘ill’ before the holidays, pale, dark eyes etc but by the end of them, they looked radient again.
      I wish i knew how to make them glow all year round :/

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