Riding Bikes, tears and giggles

Published February 17, 2012 by thefamilyof5

Today we loaded the car with bikes and took the girls to the park. We’ve taken them on bikes (with stabilisers) before but due to their poor co-ordination its always been a stressful and almost dangerous event with them crashing in to each other and driving in to the road every 5. minutes. So we thought a park would be much safer.

After throwing herself to the floor numerous times and dropping her bike on its side our big girl managed to break her stabilisers, for the 2nd time. We had no option but to take them off and try to continue without them.

She was clearly unhappy about this. She sulked, stropped, cried, stamped her feet, huff’d and continued to dramatically throw herself and her bike to the floor despite showing us and herself she was capable of riding her bike really well.

Time for a rest and bike swap.
We gave our middle girl a chance, she immediately balanced and required little help, her only problem was that she giggled so much she kept steering to the side and falling off.

3hrs later we headed home confident that providing they didn’t need to go in a straight line, manoeuvre round obstacles or people, stop, start, or go slow, they could both ride their bikes without stabilisers!


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