Random thoughts………….

Published February 12, 2012 by thefamilyof5


Baby Girl – I know she wont always do the things she does, she’ll grow out of them, she wont be wetting herself on purpose at 28 (i hope!!) but what will she do instead, If her need for control is so great that once she stops one controlling behaviour she has to create another where will it end. She stopped the ‘weeing issue’ and created the ‘hair brushing issue’, she still has the ‘food issues’ for now, but I wonder what we will have progressed or evolved to by the time she’s 10! or 18! or 25!?


Big Girl – What will the impact of having no friends have on her. Is she bothered, will she become bothered. Does she understand what friends are, will she learn to. Can her friends in school change the way they see her now if she does change or will she always be the bossy girl no one likes, is it too late. Will she learn to play in time, it wont be long before it will be too late for her to learn to play and she’ll be having to grow up instead. How will she cope in life if she cant ever work/live/share things with other people.


Middle Girl – No real worries, is that something I should be worried about, her lack of issues seems to be out of the ordinary compared to her sisters, is the worst yet to come!?



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