My Brave and Clever girls

Published February 3, 2012 by thefamilyof5


I sometimes get so distracted with the things my girls can’t do that I forget the things they can do.


I’ve always encouraged my girls to do things for themselves in the hope that it will boost their self-esteem. So when they tell me I cant ‘close this box’, instead of doing it for them, I talk them through what they need to do and then remind them they can do anything if they try. The look on their faces as they ‘close the box’ they thought they couldn’t is priceless.


So to remind me of how great they are im going to write a list.


Aside from dealing with the trauma in their lives on a daily basis and the struggles that brings, they manage the following:


My girls all dress and undress themselves, buttons, tights, shoes the lot. My only involvement is to straighten collars and roll up cuffs for school uniform.


My girls all brush their own hair, I never have to tease out knots.


My girls all brush their own teeth, Mommy or Daddy check.


My girls lay the table for dinner and clear the table after dinner, putting rubbish in the bin and placements, plates and cutlery in the kitchen to be washed.


My girls eat all fruit and vegetables, in fact the only foods I’ve found that they don’t like are celery and paste type sandwich fillers. (my big girl is funny with textures so doesn’t like things like smoothies or custard or moose etc)


My girls all clear their dinner plates.


My girls all thank me after dinner every day. (something they started themselves)


My girls are always very polite, please, thank you, you’re welcome, good morning, good afternoon are things they say every day.


My girls are always very well-behaved in public.


My girls all wash their own hair, I just rinse it out.


My girls put their coats on and collect their school bags and book bags ready for school every day, without me having to tell them to.


My girls all fasten their own seat belts and remain in their car seats.


My girls all tidy their own toys away, I never have to tidy the play room.


My girls all put their own washing in the washing basket I only offer guidance as to what they need to put in the wash.


My girls all treat their toys and books with respect.


My girls all hang their uniforms back up after school. (my 2 youngest girls are not great but they try, and that’s what matters).


My girls all fold their clothes up when they’ve undressed. ( again my 2 youngest girls are not great but they try, and that’s what matters).


My girls all remain quiet in bed in the mornings (unless they need the bathroom obviously) until we get them up.


I’m very proud of my girls and what they achieve despite their rough start.

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