Having a clear out!

Published February 3, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I’ve spent a few days sat on my sofa watching film after film during the day whilst the girls are at school. Its not the first time I’ve done this. And I doubt it will be the last.

I could have painted the lounge door or cleared out my wardrobe, or chased up some appointments or baked lots of meals to freeze or put some washing away or mopped the floor or read a book or any number of other useful tasks, but I didn’t.

Sometimes my head gets full of thought bubbles and the more I think the more I create and sometimes I create them faster than they can pop leaving me a little overwhelmed.

Sometimes I need to get lost in something in order to free up some more bubble space. I need to switch off and let some of those thought bubbles pop, without creating new ones. Watching a film or interesting tv programme helps me do this, I can loose myself in the story, and just for a little while, I can forget.

To the outside world I’m being lazy/boring/miserable/a hermit.

But I’ve just been having a clear out, and I’m feeling much more spacious and airy now.

Maybe this is my definition of ‘Me’ time. I can ‘think’ whilst I’m having a manicure/knitting/cleaning/shopping etc but, I can’t ‘think’ whist I’m watching a film.

I never realised being an adoptive mom would leave me with so many things to think/stress/ponder/worry about, perhaps I need a head extension for all these extra bubbles or maybe this is what emotional support was meant for.

Time for another film! ‘Pop!’


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