CAMHS Group Therapy Session 1- The Verdict

Published January 31, 2012 by thefamilyof5

It was uncomfortable

It was awkward

It was a very long hour

The girls were clearly uneasy and displayed it in the most bizarre way.  They were rude, they talked over the therapist, they blanked him, they laughed in a garish manner, they played loudly, they acted oddly, they were seriously hyped. It was a peculiar situation so it was to be expected, still, it was very bizarre and unsettling to watch.

What made it worse I felt, was my unprepared state. I didn’t know if I should correct the girls for their rude behaviour and calm them or just leave them to it. I didn’t know what I was supposed to say or if I was supposed to be discreet in front of the girls or just speak openly, when the girls answered the therapists questions incorrectly, should I have prompted them with the right answer?

The next appointment is in 3 weeks time which is much longer than the weekly appointments I had originally thought were taking place.

I know it was only the first appointment but I’m not sure how this is supposed to help them?!

I dont think im going to like these sessions very much, I feel emotionally drained and I’m not even the one in therapy, am I?



One comment on “CAMHS Group Therapy Session 1- The Verdict

  • Hmm. It sound like you might need to ask for a 121 chat to me, to clarify what the aim of the sessions are, and to ask those very questions. You really do need to know how to get the best out of these sessions don’t you, and that should be explicit for you. I think I would be pushing on that.

    Actually that is exactly what we have just done, as we are being assessed by CAMHS for LML and we weren’t sure where it was going so we asked – we now have a written ‘plan’, and that is just for the assessment!

    Good luck with it – I really hope that it helps and you get a clearer idea about how you can engage with it.

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