Published January 26, 2012 by thefamilyof5

When did sleep become such an important factor!?

I spend my days worrying about how I can make sure my 3 girls get enough sleep because I can’t cope with the atrocious controlling behaviour when they’re tired :/

My big girl doesn’t sleep well at all and struggles to function on a daily basis from lack of sleep, she’s often pale, has no energy, no attention span, dark circles under her eyes and tells me her muscles ache.  She has her own room, sharing would provide too many distractions and temptations to keep her awake.

My baby girl needs lots of sleep, without it she’s unbearable to be around, she shares with my middle girl whom she’s very competitive with. This results in fidget contests, cough contests, sigh contests, sniff contests, the list is endless, they’re in bunk beds so can’t see one another, they don’t chatter either, but they communicate their competitiveness perfectly well with noise/motion.  My baby girls behaviour would be so much better if she had her own room and was able to sleep as much as she needed to.

My middle girl sleeps relatively well and her behaviour when she’s tired is manageable/normal!

I hate that their sleep habits have such a huge impact on our family life!



One comment on “Sleep!

  • We had some success with our son when we gave him a kids meditation CD to listen to at night. Might be worth a try with your girls? Unfortunately we left the cd and the cd player in his room all the time and both got broken at some point, so that’s something to bear in mind.

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