A Lovely Weekend :)

Published January 15, 2012 by thefamilyof5

It doesn’t happen often, but this weekend we’ve had 2 good days and even a late night in between! God help us next week when it catches them up!!

We started our weekend off with Nanny’s birthday, chinese food, cake and family time, it doesn’t get much better!

Then today we attended a ‘New Year’ party at our adoption agency. It was lovely to get together with our friends from the preparation group and catch up on how they’re getting on, it was also lovely to see the girls getting along with all the other adopted children, they blended in nicely, in fact they all did, none of the children particularly ‘stuck out’ which can sometimes be the case at parties and gatherings, today was just about having fun. There was a clown, face painting, dancing (daddy and the girls even won a dancing competition, he’s very proud of this so I must mention it, just don’t tell him I told you it was the YMCA, Shhhh) there was party food and not to mention the copious amount of sweets which ‘accidentally’ got left at nanny’s later on 😉

We called in at Nannys on the way home as my sister (age14) decided that today was ‘Aunties Day’! She’s been feeling a bit left out she said with all the Mommy & Daddy and Nanny & Grandad stuff so she invented a day for herself, I’m sure it was just so she could have some gifts, she’s a crafty little thing! So anyway we treated her to a card and a gift or two and celebrated ‘Aunties Day’ with a yummy buffet tea made by Nanny before heading home for beds ready for school tomorrow!

The downside to such a busy weekend is I’m having to sort out the girls school uniforms for the week now rather than having my usual relaxing sunday evening!! 15 polo shirts, 6 dresses and 3 cardigans is no where near as much fun as the sofa and the tv!! 🙂


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