What is ME Time?!

Published January 9, 2012 by thefamilyof5

I’ve read a lot of adoption related books. Every single one mentions at some point the importance of making time for yourself.

Traumatised children are emotionally draining, they are like sponges that never fill, they suck you dry of all your love, time, patience, attention and sanity. They push buttons you didn’t know existed and will stir up your emotions just for kicks, then, when they’ve got control of you, they’ll drop you just like that leaving you wondering ‘what just happened?!’

So apparently its important to have ‘Me’ time. Time to relax. Time to unwind. Time to clear my thoughts. Time to replenish my emotional strength and well-being.

Apparently a bath can do all this, or a walk in the park, knitting a jumper, a nice meal, a trip to the movies, the list goes on.

So in view of all this I’ve come to the conclusion that I must be ‘broken’. I’ve tried all of these suggested activities but I don’t feel emotionally replenished, my thoughts have never been cleared, I’m to wound up to unwind. The only time my mind stops is when I sleep and even then I have the most scariest dreams that often wake me.

So I ask, what is ME time and how do I get some?!


2 comments on “What is ME Time?!

  • I’m starting to develop this theory that the whole ‘me time’ thing is a con. All the things you mention are all very well, but really when you think of it they are only one step away from ‘what you need to do in normal life’.

    Bath – humans need to wash.

    Walk – humans need to move & breathe

    Knitting – er…

    Meal – humans need to eat to stay alive

    Movies – humans need mental stimulation

    Even ‘pampering’, stuff like hairdressers and massages, well, that requires effort, organisation and spending money, which if you’re exhausted pretty much wipes out any therapeutic benefit.

    It’s all poor compensation for living a life where you are sucked dry of all your love, time, patience, attention and sanity most of the time IMO.

    This year, I’m replacing the idea of ‘me time’ with ‘respite’. Carers who look after disabled parents or children get paid respite, with weekends off and weeks away. They don’t get fobbed off with a bubble bath and a chocolate bar. I don’t think you’re broken, I think you’re human and like most adoptive parents you’re being fobbed off.

    • I just dont find any of these things help clear my mind at all. My thoughts are constantly on the go and a walk or bath doesnt change that. Its the thoughts/stresses/worrys in my head that leave me constantly exhausted as well as the physical and emotional demands of 3 traumatised children!! :/

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