My girls, the biggest acheivers i know :)

Published December 29, 2011 by thefamilyof5

My girls never cease to amaze me with how much they’ve already achieved in their little lives.

They may not read so well but why would they, no one really spoke to them for their first few years of life so if they didn’t know what the words sounded like, how could they possibly read them. Instead they’ve had to catch up on all they’ve missed out on, its been a massive struggle and they’ve never given up or complained, now that’s determination.

They may not be able to add numbers together very well but they learnt to count the number of footsteps they’d hear before someone reached the top of the stairs or the number of arguments that were safe to hear before they had to go and hide and all before most children learnt to count to 3, that’s pretty clever in my book.

They may not be very tall but that’s because their body’s were so busy developing their senses for survival in those early years that there wasn’t enough energy left to grow. Their other senses are far more advanced than most other children, they can smell the seasons before we see them.

They may not always hear everything you say but that’s because they’re too busy listening out for signs of danger. They are great at hearing other peoples conversations and sensing danger, they have a brilliant understanding of road safety and house hold dangers.

They may not have great co-ordination but their sense of direction is amazing, they would know how to find their way home from most of the places we visit.

They may not have favourite toys but that’s because they have a new found appreciation for their surroundings. The green grass and the blue sky, the smell of spring, the sound of the birds, all the things their senses were too busy to notice before, the things most children take for granted.

They may not always hold their knife and fork properly but then, they’ve only used them for a short time. They can however dress themselves, fold or hang their own clothes up, and fasten their own coats, shoes and seat belts, things they can be proud of in my opinion.

They may demand our attention and our love but they never complain about having lost their entire birth family, school friends, home, or toys.

They would never look at another child or person with judgmental eyes, or gloat at someone’s downfalls, they love everyone unconditionally. A beautiful trait that even some adults still lack.

There are lots of things that my girls can’t do that children their age can, but there are more things that they can do that many children can’t and given their past I think they have even more to be proud of, they’ve had to over come such a lot and yet still they’ve accomplished so much.

My girls have all suffered unthinkable loss’s and trauma in their lives, yet still, somehow they find the strength to smile every day. I’m not sure I could achieve a smile if I’d witnessed such awful things and then lost everything I’d ever known, and I know I wouldn’t have the inner strength to show any interest in sleeping or eating, never mind playing or learning, could you?

I’m so very proud of the strength and determination my girls show me each and every day, they are the biggest achievers I know!


One comment on “My girls, the biggest acheivers i know :)

  • I love this post. One day, when I’m in a better place, I should write up my kids’ achievements. When you think what they’ve been through, our kids, what they’ve lost, what damage has been done to them, it’s amazing they can function at all.

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