Their Loss!!

Published December 26, 2011 by thefamilyof5

I’ve learnt that there are some things I just can’t give my girls no matter how much I want to!

I grew up showered in love, it came from every angle and not just from home, there were grandparents to cuddle, auntie’s that spent time with me, uncles I admired and who treated me, cousins a plenty to play with, there was never a moment I didn’t feel loved! Many of those same people from my childhood are still in my life now and still manage to make me feel warm inside, and now they too shower my girls with love from afar by keeping them in their thoughts and hearts, my girls enjoy spending time with them all.

We wanted the same for our girls, we wanted them to always feel safe and loved by a big family. We wanted them to know they were always in someone’s thoughts and heart. We wanted them to never feel like they’d ever be forgotten or didn’t matter. We wanted them to always have someone to turn to.

They all said they’d be there for our girls, they all made us believe they deserved that special title they were given. We used to believe our girls would grow up in a big loving family.

There’s a very small few that kept their promise, they shower the girls with love and affection, they keep them in their thoughts and hearts and consider them when making decisions. They love them entirely and treat them equally.

For our girls, this is enough, they are happy and loved so much by our little family, they know no different.

For me and my husband, this is disappointing, because we do know different. We know they don’t deserve those special titles they hold.

For them, they’re missing out on so much. Our girls are growing and changing with every passing day. They are full of love and would happily of shared their hearts with them if only they’d given them their time.


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