A wave of relief

Published October 31, 2011 by thefamilyof5

After a very rocky and difficult start to the school year, with lots of tears and heartache, it would seem half term came just at the right time.

Our week started rocky with a couple of difficult days but by Tuesday things had calmed down and peace was restored. Sometimes you don’t realise just how bad things were until they get better, things were really bad!

We started half term by attended an appointment with CAMHS and arranged to start group therapy for the girls in the new year. The rest of the week was spent enjoying being a family, craft, parks, snuggles, meals out and more and I remembered once again why we adopted, I’d come very close to forgetting!

First day of school was welcomed by the girls, they were happy, as always, to go but I wasn’t so happy to take them. I felt anxious all day wondering which girls I would be collecting from school, the ones I liked or the ones I didn’t?! They came out of school happy and chatty and we shared a lovely Halloween evening snuggled on the sofa watching dvd’s.

Here’s hoping that we’ve reached a turning point!


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