Our night off!

Published October 23, 2011 by thefamilyof5

So we had our first child free night in 16 months. It was lovely, a beautiful hotel set in the picturesque Welsh valley of Llangollen, we ate delicious food, talked, relaxed and unwound. To the world we were just a happily married couple enjoying a night away, it was just like it used to be, no bickering, no crys for attention, no Cbeebies, no having to whisper so as not to wake them, just us.
I’m ashamed to say, I loved every minute of it.

We’d left the day before informing them we were going out for dinner, the first they knew of our overnight trip was when they discovered it wasn’t Mommy & Daddy waking them up.
When we returned we were greeted by 3 very excited little girls that had spent the morning baking cakes (my poor kitchen hee hee) and had an abundance of kisses and cuddles for us. It became apparent throughout the day that they were exhausted, excitement or anxiety, we’ll probably never know, but they all fell asleep in record time.

The patter of tiny feet on the landing early this morning to check we were still there was no surprise!


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