I’ll light the way – By The Family of 5

Published October 10, 2011 by thefamilyof5

I didn’t take that test
I didn’t feel you kick
I didn’t hold you close as you took your very first breath

I didn’t watch you sleep
I didn’t hear you gurgle
I didn’t wipe those first real tears
Or catch you as you stumbled

I didn’t hear your first word
Your second or your third
I didn’t get to soothe you as a fever held you tight
I didn’t get to sit with you as you cried throughout the night

I don’t know how you weaned
I don’t know if you thrived
I don’t know of the things you saw
Or of the things you heard

I knew that things would be hard
I knew you’d find it tough
I knew you’d need my time and love
to keep your head above

I watch you as you struggle
I hear your heart cry out
I want to understand
Help take away your doubt

I gave you time to grow
I gave you room to see
I gave my heart and soul to you
And we learn’t what happiness could be

Your finding it hard to settle
That i understand
You fight and push at every turn
and change at every bend
Your life has been chaotic
the calm is all still new
So I’ll continue to put you on the path
and light the way for you

I’ll watch you learn to ride your bike
Take your driving exam
I’ll proudly cry as you say I do
and smile when you become a mum
I’ll forever be right here for you
no matter what you’ve done
But for now I’ll just wait patiently
for you to realise I’ll always be your mum

* Published in the April 2012 edition of Adoption Today


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