Never Judge a Book!

Published July 14, 2011 by thefamilyof5

Our social worker shared a story with me tonight. It was about the time she was 4 and her mummy took her to the shoe shop for new school shoes, she vividly remembers the sales assistant, and noticed that all the sales assistants wore matching badges with cloggs on them. She remembers having her feet measured and being thrilled about her new shoes, she remembers the sales assistant packing up her new shoes ready to take home and her mummy paying for the new shoes, she remembers the sales assistant leaning forward to stick a badge on her, just like the ones all the other sales assistants wore and she remembers that she screamed and shouted and protested and even kicked the sales assistant until she eventually backed away. She remembers her mum being furious and how she got in to lots of trouble for behaving so badly but she also remembers why she reacted that way, she remembers thinking that she didn’t want to work in a shoe shop, and if that sales assistant put that badge on her then she’d be one of ‘them’ and she’d have to work there and there was no way she was going to let that happen, not ever!! 😀
So next time you see a child behaving in a particular way, before you judge them, stop and ask yourself why, what’s going through that child’s mind to make them behave that way? what happens in that child’s life to make them feel that way? Life’s not always just about what we see.


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