The Adopted Child at School

Published July 6, 2011 by thefamilyof5

The Adopted Child at School – Writter Unknown

My uniform is smart, my eyes are bright,

But do you know how well I sleep at night?

The memories that wake me, sweating,

How far I am from just forgetting?

The burns have healed, the hair grown back

To you it seems there is little I lack

My home is loving, my homework done,

A happy family with holidays in the sun.

But part of me remains trapped there,

The empty room, the broken chair,

The hunger and the angry voices

The loneliness and lack of choices

The pasts’ black inky fingers trap me,

And pull me back, one word can slap me.

My fears are named, I know them well

I cannot stay, my bags packed-labelled hell

So teachers when a naughty child is all you see

Remember it’s not really me

It’s just a bit that won’t forget

That can’t move on, at least not yet.

You expect so much of me, for me to tell

If I’m being bullied or things aren’t going well

But telling is so very hard to do

If once you told and no-one believed you

My parents know, they understand,

They see me struggle, hold my hand

So listen to them, join the team

Remember things aren’t what they seem

And together we will start to see

Just how great I can really be!


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