12 months later…….

Published July 4, 2011 by thefamilyof5

This time last year we were back at our accommodation having spent a few hours with our daughters for the first time. I was utterly overwhelmed and feeling really exhausted and if I’m honest I wasn’t really looking forward to the next day very much either. I’d expected to be totally smitten, love at first sight etc but reality isn’t really like that is it?
So today I shared the date with the girls and we talked about that first day and what we’d been wearing and how the girls acted and how they’ve changed over the last year and they all smiled and giggled as we recollected the milestone events of the last 12 months and how we’d shared so many things as a family and then we talked about how many things we looked forward to sharing in the years to come and how happy we were, we talked about how we’d be going to see the judge soon to as ‘everyone’ had decided that we made a lovely family and should stay together forever, my big girl remarked how it was because birth mum wasn’t very good at doing the mummy job and we recollected some of the things that might have made children feel a bit sad or scared, all the time I could see in my big girls eyes that she’d much rather be with her birth mum regardless and I wonder how long we’ll both have to ‘fake it, until we make it’.


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