Shouty Mommy?!

Published June 2, 2011 by thefamilyof5

When did it happen, when did my dreams and aspirations of becoming a therapeutic, calming and nurturing Mommy disappear and leave behind the reality of a shouty tired Mommy!

It isn’t what I imagined, I dreamed about days of baking and making, playing and enjoying the wildlife and countryside with my children, My respectful, honest, thoughtful children that knew and understood our values and the way our family works, shared our interests and listened when people spoke, I envisaged children that adored me and that I equally adored!

I didn’t anticipate children that would be so demanding of my attention and be so competitive with each other that it would be too physically and emotionally draining to do any of those things and the reality would just be me spending my days shouting……..a lot and usually for the same things over and over, I didn’t anticipate children that wouldn’t appreciate anything and would always take for granted and expect more, I didn’t foresee them seemingly enjoying pushing the buttons I didn’t even know I had, I didn’t conceive the possibility that they could be so manipulative and controlling and argumentative……………………I didn’t anticipate there would be days when I really wouldn’t like them very much!

Seems I wasn’t ‘really’ prepared for the reality of traumatised, neglected children!


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