So many unknowns…….

Published May 27, 2011 by thefamilyof5

With all the recent talk about a Measles outbreak I thought I’d check the girls immunisations were up to date, it just reminded me how little information we have, I don’t even know how much my big girl weighed when she was born let alone what immunisations she’s had and the pictures not much clearer for the other 2 either. Its so sad that there isn’t an electronic record of everything medical for each individual that can be accessed by professionals and guardians, at least my girls/me would have access to information that’s important to them, like how she got that scar on her forehead, or how much they weighed when they were born or even just what immunisations they’d had instead of having to struggle to find out bits of information from different places.


One comment on “So many unknowns…….

  • So true. I wish I had all the answers I needed for Brit, there are still some very grey areas that I’ll prob never get answers to 😦 keep pushing for as much info as you can though. xxx

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