How things change.

Published May 23, 2011 by thefamilyof5

I can still remember the silence, the wasted weekends, the trips to Zoo’s and Parks and feeling like the odd ones out with no child to take, the evenings that felt so quiet and the house that felt so empty with its empty bedrooms and useless garden!

Then they arrived and with them they brought 3 of everything, noise and mess, laughter and smiles, phrases to make you chuckle and words to make you frown, pink fluffy stuff and noisy toys, furry toys, wooden toys, plastic toys, trampolines and slides, bats and balls, frilly clothes, tiny vests and knickers, millions of socks, big clothes, little clothes (so many clothes), hair bobbles & ribbons, plastic plates and teeny cutlery, drinks bottles by the truck load and more teddys than you can imagine.

On the sunny days I remember the lonely weekends and the empty house and pitiful day trips and the emptiness inside, and I smile!

On the rainy days I remember the quiet, the spontaneity, the calm, the long snuggles with the cats, the great nights sleep, and I weep.

On all of these days I remember my husband, the one that understood my emptiness and held me tight, and now, when im sad he puts his arms around me and takes away my sadness.

Through it all, my husband has been, and continues to be, my constant and I couldn’t do any of this without him.


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