The trouble with kids is……..

Published May 21, 2011 by thefamilyof5

They make so much noise! Lol

My usual peaceful Saturday morning of relaxing shower followed by getting ready in peace whilst Daddy gets the girls up and fed was floored by the simple fact that Daddy was working today!

This meant my morning was like every other morning, exhausting and noisy and full of pointless questions! We did liven things up a little by trying Lemon Curd on toast which was a hit all round 🙂

Then, just as things were looking up one of my little angels clearly fancied a change of routine and decided to smother herself, her clothes and her hair in toothpaste and then refused point blank to speak when I asked her about it! After a shower and a 45 minute screaming temper tantrum, calm was restored. Well I say calm, as calm as things could be with 3 little girls who scream……a lot! 😀

The rest of the day involved lots of shouting, lots of being sent to rooms to think, lots of saying sorry to each other and to Mommy and Daddy, lots of tears from bumps and lots of sulking. In between all of that, there was lots of smiles, giggles and laughter of course.

Overall today has mainly been about 3 little girls that woke up to early, are tired and have made lots of bad choices, early nights all round is the remedy.

On the upside, it stayed dry so they spent the whole day in the garden!

Now to feed them and try and quieten them down with some calming books and puzzles and thinking time.


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